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Conditions of use

The following constitutes the conditions of use for the website of PGX PitStop:

• The account privacy will be the exclusive responsibility of you and you should retain the secrecy of your password and any other details. If you have any purpose to believe such data might have been known to others you must right away bring that to our attention. One should make sure such information are not made available any of online or offline sources so that they are not misused.

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• All the products found on the website are sold exclusively by PGX PitStop: and its affiliated sellers and you hereby understand that the contact of sale is between you and PGX PitStop or any of its affiliated sellers. You agree, understand and acknowledge that the website is an online platform that allows you to purchase the products listed on the website at the available price denoted therein at any time from any location.

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While we guarantee to our best potential that we will make the website accessible to you at all times, it is crucial to accept that internet at any given time is beyond our sole control, so the availability at all times cannot however be promised. Also, your access maybe provisionally made inaccessible due to maintenance or introduction of any new services.